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Stress Management: MBTI® Workshop Facilitation Pack


Help individuals better understand and manage stress to realize success. In the workplace, individuals encounter stressors that can either undermine...

  • SKU: 6141EF
  • UNIT: each

Team Development: MBTI® Workshop Facilitation Pack


Help team members maximize their contributions and effectiveness. The success of any organization depends on the effectiveness of its people,...

  • SKU: 6142EF
  • UNIT: each

Better Communication in Healthcare: MBTI® Workshop Facilitation Pack


Help doctors, nurses, technicians, and other front-line healthcare providers serve patients better Research shows that effective patient–care provider communication is...

  • SKU: 6140EF
  • UNIT: each



Bring MBTI® type concepts to life through the power of video

  • SKU: 6788-FD
  • UNIT: Each

MBTI® Conflict Management Program


Everything you need for a successful conflict management program This comprehensive resource for type trainers includes everything you need to...

  • SKU: 6230-1
  • UNIT: each

MBTI® Practitioner's Field Guide


Activities and Strategies for Type Learning and Engagement Tap into a range of activities for illustrating and sustaining MBTI type...

  • SKU: 6200
  • UNIT: each

MBTI® Team Building Program, 3rd Edition


Enhance your team-building workshops with this revised set of materials The third edition of this comprehensive teambuilding program includes updated...

  • SKU: 6991
  • UNIT: each

MBTI® Type and Change Leader's Resource Guide


Provide successful guidance to organizations dealing with change using MBTI® type theory. This program provides cutting-edge materials for dealing with...

  • SKU: 6954
  • UNIT: each

MBTI® Type and Change Participant's Guide


To be used with the MBTI Type and Change Leader's Resource Guide. The Participant's Guide helps workshop attendees effectively deal...

  • SKU: 6956-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, each

Journey of Understanding


The workshop materials in Journey of Understanding offer an accessible way for beginners to understand the complexities of type dynamics....

  • SKU: 6170
  • UNIT: each

MBTI® Step I™ and Step II™ Feedback Sessions DVD


This DVD provides practitioners with a basic approach to feedback upon which they can model their own interpretation style. It...

  • SKU: 6145-DVD
  • UNIT: each

MBTI® Type Tables for College Majors


MBTI ® Type Tables for College Majors is a resource for people who are interested in the relationship between personality...

  • SKU: 6172
  • UNIT: each

MBTI® Type Tables for Occupations, 2nd Edition


This powerful resource for trainers, coaches, and counselors has been updated to include the latest research on the link between...

  • SKU: 6274
  • UNIT: each

The Leadership Advantage Training Program


This comprehensive resource for MBTI® trainers conducting leadership workshops in organizations includes self-contained modules for four different workshops designed to...

  • SKU: 6150
  • UNIT: each

The Type Deal!


The Type Deal! from training game expert Thiagi is a set of 11 fast-paced and fun card games for use...

  • SKU: 6490
  • UNIT: each

Type Tables Poster


Type Tables Poster (73 X 58 cm)Package of 10

  • SKU: CA47
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

Using the MBTI® to Enrich Emotional Intelligence


Workshop resource to train leaders to use the MBTI in emotional intelligence development. A high IQ is often highly prized,...

  • SKU: 6168B
  • UNIT: each

Gifts Differing


Consult the definitive text on MBTI® type   Every year over 2.5 million people take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment,...

  • SKU: 7270

MBTI® Step I™ Feedback Cards


Guide individuals through an exploration of type preferences during a feedback session.  

  • SKU: 6130
  • UNIT: Each

MBTI® Step II Feedback Cards


Guide individuals through an exploration of Step II™ facets during a feedback session. A facilitation tool for use in individual...

  • SKU: 6730
  • UNIT: each

MBTI® Flip a Type Tip


Quick tips for working more effectively with people of all types.

  • SKU: 6015-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, Each

Compelling Conversations: Developing Communication Style Through Myers-Briggs® Type


Deliver an effective communication training with this ready-to-deploy MBTI® workshop.   Communication is essential in building and maintaining relationships. This...

  • SKU: 6330-FD
  • UNIT: Each

Managing Conflict Using the TKI® Assessment


Deliver consistent, high-quality conflict management training with this ready-to-deploy TKI workshop.   Conflict occurs wherever people’s concerns appear incompatible, making...

  • SKU: 4350-FD
  • UNIT: Each

Leader Development: An MBTI® Step I™ Type Training Workshop


Incorporate MBTI insights into leadership training with this workshop facilitation kit This workshop facilitation kit provides everything a practitioner needs...

  • SKU: 6144-FD
  • UNIT: Each

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Through Myers-Briggs® Type


This ready-to-deliver workshop includes everything needed to present a half-day introduction to emotional intelligence. Studies have shown emotional intelligence to...

  • SKU: 6410-FD
  • UNIT: Each

Embracing Change Using Myers-Briggs® Type


This ready-to-deliver workshop includes everything a practitioner needs to present an introductory workshop on the topic of type and change....

  • SKU: 6420-FD
  • UNIT: Each

MBTI® Concepts for Managers: A Step I™ Type Training Workshop for Managing and Mentoring Others


Help managers apply MBTI® insights to become more effective in their role This ready-to-deploy workshop facilitation kit provides everything you...

  • SKU: 6380-FD
  • UNIT: Each

Introducing MBTI® Step II™ Results


This ready-to-deploy workshop facilitation kit provides everything you need to deliver a high-quality introductory MBTI® Step II™ training for all...

  • SKU: 4180-FD
  • UNIT: Each

Improving Decision Making


Deliver consistently high-quality trainings that help develop decision-making skills This ready-to-deliver facilitation kit includes everything needed to present a half-day...

  • SKU: 6430-FD
  • UNIT: Each

Impactful Influencing: Harnessing the Power of Myers-Briggs® Type


Help individuals leverage their MBTI® type to develop more effective influencing skills This engaging, ready-to-deliver workshop provides the essential materials...

  • SKU: 6360-FD
  • UNIT: Each