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MBTI® Flip a Type Tip


Quick tips for working more effectively with people of all types. A handy desktop reference to give to training participants...

  • SKU: 6015-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, Each



Bring MBTI® type concepts to life through the power of video This training video is designed to help practitioners provide...

  • SKU: 6788-FD

Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type, 7th Edition (NEW)


Isabel Briggs Myers Help clients integrate type concepts into their lives with this popular guide Use this essential guide for...

  • SKU: 6229-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, each

Introduction to Conflict Management


Take the next step in understanding your TKI scores and improvingconflict-handling effectiveness This booklet, designed to accompany the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict...

  • SKU: 4816-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, Each

Introduction to Type ® Complete Series


PURCHASE THE ENTIRE INTRODUCTION TO TYPE® SERIES (19 booklets) Help your clients apply type in a wide range of topics including...

  • SKU: WK01K-A

Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type in Organizations, 4th Edition (NEW)


Sandra Krebs Hirsh and Jean M. KummerowHelp employees understand their workplace preferences and reduce stress and conflict Introduction to Myers-Briggs®...

  • SKU: 6539-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, each

Introduction to Type® and Communication, 2nd Edition (NEW)


Donna DunningIncrease communication effectiveness in organizations With today’s emphasis on team-based and collaborative management and decision making, communication can make...

  • SKU: 6289-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, each

Introduction to Type® and Leadership (2nd edition) (NEW)


Sharon Lebovitz RichmondDevelop more effective leaders of every type In Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership (2nd ed.), practitioners will...

  • SKU: 6276-10
  • UNIT: Package of 10, Each

Exploring Your Myers-Briggs® Type Workbook (NEW)


Help individuals identify their best-fit type through a structured, step-by-step process An optional but recommended tool to use with Introduction...

  • SKU: 6752-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, each