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Improving Decision Making

Improving Decision Making

SKU: 6430-FD

Deliver consistently high-quality trainings that help develop decision-making skills

This ready-to-deliver facilitation kit includes everything needed to present a half-day introduction to decision making. The workshop helps individuals explore their decision-making style and develop more effective decision-making skills through a better understanding of the Myers-Briggs® preferences.

Participants discover what can inhibit high-quality decision making, learn how personality preferences influence people’s decision-making style, and develop strategies to make both individual and group decision making more successful. Created with flexibility in mind, the workshop is suitable for use with existing work teams or with groups of people who do not usually work together.


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You will need to purchase an MBTI assessment administration for one of the following reports for each participant.

MBTI® Step I™ Personal Impact Report (PIR)
MBTI® Step I™ Decision-Making Style Report

Recommended additional resource for participants:
Introduction to Type® and Decision Making booklet


*Special order: please call 1-800-661-5158 to confirm availability and shipping time frame.


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