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The Leadership Advantage Training Program

The Leadership Advantage Training Program

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This comprehensive resource for MBTI® trainers conducting leadership workshops in organizations includes self-contained modules for four different workshops designed to enhance leadership effectiveness and performance: A Brief Review of Psychological Type, Leader Communication, Leader Problem Solving, and Leader Development. Each workshop comes complete with specific objectives, tips for trainers, exercises for workshop participants, trainer presentation materials both on CD-ROM and as transparency overheads, scripts for the trainer, and complete agendas and checklists of materials and logistics. This long-awaited program provides expert guidance, useful suggestions, and practical strategies for using the MBTI® tool in leadership programs and management training, providing access to a model for enriching leadership behavior and increasing effectiveness and organizational performance. 


*Special order: please call 1-800-661-5158 to confirm availability and shipping time frame.

Please also see Leader Development: An MBTI® Step I™ Type Training Workshop which has similar but updated materials in a flash drive and includes a PowerPoint presentation.

Roger R. Pearman


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