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Career Values Scale

The Career Values Scale measures the values that influence career choice. It identifies ten core values that are helpful for career planning and development. It is useful for career development, individual coaching and evaluating the fit between values and organizational culture.


CVS Report 22 credits each >

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Career Values Report Prepaid Answer Sheet


The Career Values Scale Report gives a graphic overview of a client's values. The report provides insight into what the...

  • SKU: CVS03
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

Career Values Scale Question Sheet


Career Values Scale Question Sheets Package of 10 Donald Macnab and Shawn Bakker  

  • SKU: CVS02
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

Career Values Scale Manual


An essential guide for users of the CVS. The manual contains information on the CVS's development, validity, reliability, and the...

  • SKU: CVS01
  • UNIT: each