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Type Practitioner Series

Expand your knowledge of type theory and its applications with this collection.  Designed to help professionals build new type applications into their practice.

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Type and Training


Boost your MBTI training effectiveness Type and Training delivers a powerful, step-by-step guide to creating an effective workshop, breaking the...

  • SKU: 6196

Type and Career Development


Increase your effectiveness as a career development professional This hands-on resource outlines the processes and action steps needed to apply...

  • SKU: 6195
  • UNIT: chaque

Type and Culture


Apply the MBTI tool globally in a variety of cultures In Type and Culture, three highly experienced international trainers—Linda Kirby,...

  • SKU: 6128
  • UNIT: chaque

Measuring Results of MBTI® Type Training


In today's resource-strapped, results-oriented organizations, executives and training professionals urgently need to know—and show—the ROI on their training programs. But...

  • SKU: 6175
  • UNIT: chaque

Finding the Fit


Lead your clients to their best-fit type Finding the Fit is the first booklet in the new series designed for...

  • SKU: 6215
  • UNIT: chaque

Type and Retention


Retain top talent in your organization by leveraging type Studies show that motivation and job satisfaction are directly linked. Yet,...

  • SKU: 6179
  • UNIT: chaque