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MBTI® Activities

In need of a tried and true MBTI® activity to jumpstart your next training? The MBTI® Activity Series is a collection of time-tested activities that bring type to life. Whether you are looking for an introductory workshop exercise to help participants better understand the preferences or would like to arm a work team with a type-related framework for solving real-world problems, this activity series provides you with the presentation and facilitation materials you need for success. Each activity comes with the presentation slides and/or re-producible masters required for delivery so you can use them over and over again— simply select, print, train, and repeat!

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Applying the Function Lens to Stress


No matter the context—in work or in everyday life—individuals encounter stressors that can either undermine their performance or propel their...

  • SKU: 4126EF

Applying the Functions Lens to Team Culture


Looking for a way to reinvigorate a team and help them sharpen their focus? This activity applies the Functions Lens...

  • SKU: 6991EF

Discovering Our Team’s Facets


This activity will get your group up, moving and learning about the Step II facets and is best when used...

  • SKU: 4179EF1

Exploring Decision-Making Styles


Making decisions is one of the most complex and difficult tasks in which people engage—and, making good ones requires both...

  • SKU: 4179EF

Expressing Appreciation in Different Ways


Whether in the office or at home, recognizing and appreciating others for their contributions is important, and when done effectively,...

  • SKU: 4123EF

Team Effectiveness Analysis


This exercise team building exercise is most appropriate for in-tact teams. It applies a problem-solving model to help participants analyze...

  • SKU: 4169EF2

That Sinking Feeling


Working with teams on developing reliable and effective strategies for managing conflict? Why not break the ice with "That Sinking...

  • SKU: 4121EF

Transforming Feedback


If you're looking for ways to help others improve their professional interactions, start by addressing a skill set that is...

  • SKU: 4127EF

What is Conflict?


This is a great activity to get individuals thinking about how they define and respond to conflict. And, it will...

  • SKU: 6230EF