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Are you in need of a tried and true TKI activity to jumpstart your training? This TKI Activity Series is a collection of four time-tested activities that help people discover how the ways they handle conflict—their conflict styles—affect performance. Whether you are looking for an introductory workshop exercise to help participants better understand their conflict-handling style or would like to arm a work team with an understanding of how and when each style is most appropriate, this activity series provides you with the presentation and facilitation materials you need for success. Each activity comes with instructions and other workshop materials required for delivery so you can use them over and over again—simply select, print, train, and repeat!

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Group Conflict Mode Score


"How does my team manage conflict?” If you’ve heard that question before, consider adding this easy-to-facilitate activity to your TKI...

  • SKU: 4800EF3

Rapid-Fire Response


What does a "competing” response to a given situation sound like? This quick-thinking and lively activity allows your participants to...

  • SKU: 4800EF4

Sharing Conflict Insights


Looking for a simple but powerful activity to conduct or summarize your conflict-handling workshop?Use this tried and true activity to...

  • SKU: 4800EF1

What’s My Mode? Game


By using this fun game that will have your workshop participants in various role-play scenarios as "contestant” and "player.” After...

  • SKU: 4800EF2