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Our selection of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI ®) related Introduction to Type ® booklets covers a wide range of topics, both at an introductory and professional level. Resources are designed for both consultants to provide their clients with resources and for anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of psychological type and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

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Introduction to Type ® Bundle


PURCHASE THE INTRODUCTION TO TYPE® BUNDLE (18 booklets) Help your clients apply type in a wide range of topics including communication,...

  • SKU: WK01K-A

Introduction to Type® and Teams (3rd edition)


Help team members maximize their contributions and effectiveness. Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Teams (3rd ed.) helps individuals understand how...

  • SKU: 6198-10

Introduction to Type® and Leadership (2nd edition)


Develop more effective leaders of every type. In Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership (2nd ed.), practitioners will find a...

  • SKU: 6276-10

Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type, 7th Edition


Help clients integrate type concepts into their lives with this popular guide Use this essential guide for understanding MBTI results...

  • SKU: 6229-10

Introduction to Type in Organizations


Help employees understand their workplace preferences and reduce stress and conflict. Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type in Organizations (4th edition) provides...

  • SKU: 6539-10

Introduction to Type® and Communication, 2nd Edition


Increase communication effectiveness in organizations. With today’s emphasis on team-based and collaborative management and decision making, communication can make or...

  • SKU: 6289-10

Introduction to Type® and Change


Provides an in-depth look at the relationship between type preferences and organizational change.  This booklet presents practical tips and guidance...

  • SKU: 6966-10

Introduction to Type® and Conflict


Conflict can exist in many places and at many levels in an organization. This new 48-page booklet is a must-have...

  • SKU: 6239-10

In the Grip (Second Edition)


Discover the effects of chronic stress on one's personality This booklet reviews what the inferior function is, when it's likely...

  • SKU: 6180-10

Introduction to Type® and Coaching, 2nd Edition


Help Individuals Plan for Continued Personal and Professional Development Introduction to Type® and Coaching is a practical resource and planning...

  • SKU: 6158-10

Introduction to Type® and Learning


Enhance your learning effectiveness. Introduction to Type® and Learning introduces you to key learning strategies and learning style information. Designed...

  • SKU: 6187-10

Introduction to Type® and Decision Making


Sharpen and improve decision-making skills Honing and upgrading decision-making skills can make the difference between becoming an industry leader or...

  • SKU: 6186-10

Introduction to Type ® and Innovation


Understand each type's contribution to the process of innovation Is there a link between personality type and innovation? Research on...

  • SKU: 6185-10

Introduction to Type® and Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a term used to describe our ability to control impulses, show empathy, and persist in the...

  • SKU: 6169-10

Introduction to Type® and Project Management


Improve every phase of your project by applying MBTI® type principles. Anything worth doing is worth planning, tracking, and executing...

  • SKU: 6177-10

Introduction to Type® Dynamics and Development


Take type understanding to a deeper level   This resource explores type dynamics, which provides a three-dimensional picture of each...

  • SKU: 6862-10

Introduction to Type® and the 8 Jungian Functions


This booklet focuses on using the eight Jungian functions as a dynamic model for MBTI interpretation and presents practical applications...

  • SKU: 6199-10

Introduction to Type® in College

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Help students improve study techniques and resolve roommate conflicts  This booklet describes how a student's MBTI® type can effect learning...

  • SKU: 6904-10

Introduction to Type® and Selling

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Help salespeople fulfill customers' needs and make key selling decisions Introduction to Type® and Selling provides sales people with ways...

  • SKU: 6942-10

Introduction to Type® and Careers 2nd Edition


Help your clients find careers that work for them Get your clients involved in their own career search using MBTI®...

  • SKU: 6903