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Celebrating International Women's Day

View a collection of MBTI books and resources authored or co-authored by women who have contributed to the development, research, and the advancement of type in our community over the last 70 years - authors like Donna Dunning, Jean Kummerow, Nancy Barger, Linda Kirby and many more.
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Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type, 7th Edition


Help clients integrate type concepts into their lives with this popular guide Use this essential guide for understanding MBTI results...

  • SKU: 6229-10

Introduction to Type® and Leadership (2nd edition)


Develop more effective leaders of every type. In Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Leadership (2nd ed.), practitioners will find a...

  • SKU: 6276-10

In the Grip (Second Edition)


Discover the effects of chronic stress on one's personality This booklet reviews what the inferior function is, when it's likely...

  • SKU: 6180-10

Introduction to Type® and Teams (3rd edition)


Help team members maximize their contributions and effectiveness. Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type and Teams (3rd ed.) helps individuals understand how...

  • SKU: 6198-10

Introduction to Type® and Communication, 2nd Edition


Increase communication effectiveness in organizations. With today’s emphasis on team-based and collaborative management and decision making, communication can make or...

  • SKU: 6289-10

Introduction to Type® and Conflict


Conflict can exist in many places and at many levels in an organization. This new 48-page booklet is a must-have...

  • SKU: 6239-10

Introduction to Type® and Coaching, 2nd Edition


Help Individuals Plan for Continued Personal and Professional Development Introduction to Type® and Coaching is a practical resource and planning...

  • SKU: 6158-10

Introduction to Type in Organizations


Help employees understand their workplace preferences and reduce stress and conflict. Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type in Organizations (4th edition) provides...

  • SKU: 6539-10

Introduction to Type® and Change


Provides an in-depth look at the relationship between type preferences and organizational change.  This booklet presents practical tips and guidance...

  • SKU: 6966-10

Introduction to Type® and Decision Making


Sharpen and improve decision-making skills Honing and upgrading decision-making skills can make the difference between becoming an industry leader or...

  • SKU: 6186-10

Introduction to Type® and Learning


Enhance your learning effectiveness. Introduction to Type® and Learning introduces you to key learning strategies and learning style information. Designed...

  • SKU: 6187-10

Introduction to Type® and Selling

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Help salespeople fulfill customers' needs and make key selling decisions Introduction to Type® and Selling provides sales people with ways...

  • SKU: 6942-10

Type and Career Development


Increase your effectiveness as a career development professional This hands-on resource outlines the processes and action steps needed to apply...

  • SKU: 6195

Introduction to Type® Dynamics and Development


Take type understanding to a deeper level   This resource explores type dynamics, which provides a three-dimensional picture of each...

  • SKU: 6862-10

MBTI® Team Building Program, 3rd Edition


Enhance your team-building workshops with this revised set of materials The third edition of this comprehensive teambuilding program includes updated...

  • SKU: 6991

Introduction to Type® and Project Management


Improve every phase of your project by applying MBTI® type principles. Anything worth doing is worth planning, tracking, and executing...

  • SKU: 6177-10

MBTI® Manual, Third Edition


Administer and apply the revised MBTI® Form M inventory correctly This essential reference for users of the MBTI® instrument is...

  • SKU: 6111

Type and Training


Boost your MBTI training effectiveness Type and Training delivers a powerful, step-by-step guide to creating an effective workshop, breaking the...

  • SKU: 6196

MBTI® Step II™ User's Guide


Practitioner’s Tool For Making The Most Of Step II™ Interpretations. Sharpen your Step II interpretation skills with this invaluable practitioner’s...

  • SKU: 6972

Type and Culture


Apply the MBTI tool globally in a variety of cultures In Type and Culture, three highly experienced international trainers—Linda Kirby,...

  • SKU: 6128

MBTI® Practitioner's Field Guide


Activities and Strategies for Type Learning and Engagement Tap into a range of activities for illustrating and sustaining MBTI type...

  • SKU: 6200

MBTI® Type Tables for Occupations, 2nd Edition


This powerful resource for trainers, coaches, and counselors has been updated to include the latest research on the link between...

  • SKU: 6274

MBTI ® Step II Manual


Increase your knowledge of Form Q and its appropriate use This comprehensive manual, with a foreword by Peter Myers and...

  • SKU: 6741

Introduction to Type® and the 8 Jungian Functions


This booklet focuses on using the eight Jungian functions as a dynamic model for MBTI interpretation and presents practical applications...

  • SKU: 6199-10

MBTI® Type and Change Participant's Guide


To be used with the MBTI Type and Change Leader's Resource Guide. The Participant's Guide helps workshop attendees effectively deal...

  • SKU: 6956-10