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FIRO® Feedback Cards

FIRO® Feedback Cards

SKU: 2230

Guide individuals through an exploration of the FIRO framework during feedback sessions and beyond.

A facilitation tool for use in both individual feedback and coaching sessions, this attractive set of 53 cards helps guide exploration of the FIRO framework in a way that makes it easy for practitioners and personally relevant for learners.

*Watch an instructional video on how to use these cards here.


  • Designed to help structure your facilitation
    Sometimes it helps to have everything you need at your fingertips. Just follow the step-by-step instructions (included) to ensure a comprehensive exploration of the FIRO model. The cards can be laid out in a matrix pattern to help learners see and understand how the model works and what their scores mean. They also provide numerous talking points, illustrations, and practitioner prompts to make facilitation simple and effective.
  • Go beyond feedback sessions
    In addition to feedback sessions, the cards can also be used for coaching. They feature in-depth descriptions of the three interpersonal needs areas and suggested questions that practitioners can use to help individuals explore each area. Special applications cards covering the critical areas of leadership, teamwork, job satisfaction, and organizational culture focus the individual on discussing real-world implications and establishing practical next steps.
  • For FIRO-B or FIRO Business® feedback
    Each card in the set is double-sided, mapping to either the FIRO-B or the FIRO Business assessment. Simply choose the side that is appropriate for each individual’s situation.
  • Buy once, use forever 
    Printed on quality card stock and packages in a sturdy box, the cards are designed to be used again and again to help deliver impactful feedback and coaching sessions.


*Special order: please call 1-800-661-5158 to confirm availability and shipping time frame.


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