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Understanding and Working with Personality Type

Understanding and Working with Personality Type

SKU: 6470-FD

This workshop facilitation kit is for use with the MBTI® Global Step I™ Assessment.

Using the MBTI® Assessment to Appreciate Differences

Deliver a high-quality introductory MBTI® training with this ready-to-deploy facilitation kit

This ready-to-deploy workshop facilitation kit provides everything a practitioner needs to deliver a high-quality introductory MBTI training for all audiences. Workshop participants will increase their understanding of personality type by learning about the Myers-Briggs® framework, develop greater self-awareness and awareness of others, and identify ways to use personality differences constructively to improve personal interactions and team performance. Designed to align with the refreshed MBTI Step I™ and II™ reports for a cohesive learning experience.


Note: Facilitation kit comes with three versions of the presentation and facilitator’s notes depending on the assessment to be used—MBTI® Self-Scorable, MBTI® Complete, or MBTI® Step I™ administration online.


  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation designed for a 4-hour workshop consisting of lecture and activities
  • Facilitator notes for face-to-face and virtual sessions
  • Workshop participant worksheets


  • Workshop-ready
    Comprehensive with engaging visuals, the kit is designed for immediate use as is, or for incorporating into an existing training program.
  • Comes with expert guidance
    Created for both seasoned and newly certified practitioners, the kit includes in-person and virtual facilitator notes with presentation instructions, recommended script, and resources, providing valuable context and support to ensure an effective training. 
  • All digital content
    No need to lug around heavy binders—all materials are contained on a USB flash drive for your convenience. If your organization prohibits flash drive use, please contact Psychometrics Canada for an alternative solution.

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Note: This workshop facilitation kit is part of the materials provided to each participant attending the MBTI® Certification Program.


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Understanding and Working with Personality Type


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