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Using Type to Solve Communication Problems - Edmonton, Jun 21, 2019

Using Type to Solve Communication Problems - Edmonton, Jun 21, 2019


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Personality type differences can unintentionally derail communication as individuals often misinterpret each other’s intentions, words, and actions. These misunderstandings can hinder our communications and create tension in our interactions.


This Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Master Class focuses on type-based assumptions and expectations about the purpose of interactions, pace and content of conversations, and the results we are seeking from communications. The workshop provides insights and strategies for improving interactions and solving communication problems.



  • Learn how personality type preferences link to how and what people want to communicate
  • Discover how these differing communication preferences often create unexpected negative reactions and communication problems
  • Explore and challenge the communication assumptions and expectations that underlie our misunderstandings
  • Use a reframing process to help individuals and teams recognize their perspectives and diminish their negative reactions when communicating
  • Use polarity thinking to move beyond problem solving by appreciating and leveraging communication differences


Save $100 if you register by April 26, 2019*.

Early Registration: $425 available 8 weeks before the workshop's start date.

Regular Price: $525

Register two people from your organization to attend the same Master Class and the second person is 1/2 off the regular price*.

For more information contact or phone 1-800-661-5158.

*Does not include MBTI Optimizing Team Performance Program. 

Please note that if this workshop does not have enough participants registered three weeks before it runs, it may be cancelled.

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$425.00$ $525.00