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Type and Stress - Toronto, Sep 29, 2017

Type and Stress - Toronto, Sep 29, 2017


Presenter to be announced

Help individuals and teams anticipate, prevent and navigate their way through stress to enhance their productivity.

Personality preferences can not only help us identify sources of stress, but also what form our stress reactions take. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment as a foundation, this Master Class will focus on how personality preferences and type dynamics influence our behaviour when times get tough. It will equip participants to help individuals and teams anticipate, prevent, and constructively mitigate stress at work through valuable insights and action plans.


  • Understand stress reactions of each type using dynamics

  • Learn common ‘stressors’ as unique to each type preference

  • Learn tools to observe and anticipate stress reactions in selves and others
  • Explore methods of alleviating stress amongst individuals and teams to optimize performance

  • Relate stress reactions to development of our non-preferred functions


Save $100 if you register by Aug 4, 2017*.

Early Registration: $425 available 8 weeks before the workshop's start date.

Regular Price: $525

Register two people from your organization to attend the same Master Class and the second person is 1/2 price*.

For more information contact or phone 1-800-661-5158.

*Does not include MBTI Optimizing Team Performance Program. 

Please note that if this workshop does not have enough participants registered three weeks before it runs, it may be cancelled.

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$425.00$ $525.00