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Leader Development

Leader Development

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Help leaders examine how their own perceptions and habits influence their leadership effectiveness and help them move beyond their standard achievements to extraordinary levels of service and performance.

The Leader Development workshop is designed to teach participants how to enhance and develop their leadership effectiveness using the principles of psychological type. This module begins by encouraging leaders to become aware of their typical paths in daily activities and what happens if they over- or underuse their natural tendencies. This leads to an exploration of both acknowledged and unacknowledged leader strengths and vulnerabilities as well as an investigation of the core processes in leadership development. Participants will then explore development options and work on creating their own development plans. The workshop ends by investigating leader values that can engender awareness of important, larger potential contributions and inspire transformations in those whom they lead.


When participants have completed this workshop, they should be able to:

  • Understand the pathways to leader development suggested by type
  • Identify leader strengths and blind spots by type
  • Create a plan for enhancing leadership effectiveness through type development
  • Explore sources of potential development and support by type
  • Identify five key values that promote effective leadership and understand the relationship of the psychological type model to these values
  • Understand how leaders can utilize the core cognitive functions of the sixteen MBTI® types and five values

Time frame:

This workshop is designed as a full-day session (8 hours) and includes a one hour lunch break. However, as with all of the workshops in this series, you are encouraged to customize the workshop to suit your needs. If time is a concern, you can easily shorten the learning modules or present the workshop in two half-day sessions.

Facilitator’s Note: Participants should take the MBTI assessment and verify their 4-letter type prior to attending this session. The purpose of the workshop is not to interpret individual MBTI results or to coach individuals through the best-fit type process.

Materials included:

  • Training objectives and workshop overview
  • Workshop agenda
  • Facilitator script and tips
  • Activity instructions (8 activities)
  • Handouts
  • PowerPoint® slides
  • Evaluation Form

 By Roger R. Pearman