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I Think—Therefore I Feel

I Think—Therefore I Feel

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"How can I have a preference for Thinking OR Feeling? I do both!"

If you’ve heard one before, consider adding this easy-to-facilitate activity to your MBTI training toolkit! This introductory activity helps participants to better understand the Thinking –Feeling dichotomy by examining the differences between them. Participants decide whether they are more like a Thinking type or a Feeling type, and then they pair up with someone of the opposite preference for a one-on-one discussion about instances in their lives where the preference has worked either for or against them. The guided group discussion will focus on behaviors that participants think should be modified or that they have already modified to be more effective in the workplace, and how the preferences play out in both impersonal and personal conflicts.


  • To examine type characteristics of the Thinking and Feeling preferences
  • To explore how preferences for Thinking or Feeling might affect actions in the workplace or at home.

Time Frame: 35 minutes

Materials Included: Instructions, PowerPoint Slides, Handouts

Additional Materials Required: Flip chart, markers

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Barbara D. Mathews, Catharine A. Larkin