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What’s My Mode? Game

What’s My Mode? Game

SKU: 4800EF2

By using this fun game that will have your workshop participants in various role-play scenarios as "contestant” and "player.” After dividing the group into teams, the players use Role-Play Scripts for thirteen different scenarios. Each player draws a slip of paper with the style that the player uses in the script for that scenario. The contestants guess which style the players were using. The teams take turns until one team wins. This game exposes all participants to how different styles would respond in various situations. By the end of the game, all participants will have experienced all conflict-handling styles and had fun doing it!



  • To practice recognizing different conflict modes and assessing situations.
  • To take a lighthearted view of inappropriate response to common conflict situations
Time Frame: 30 minutes

Materials Included: Activity Instructions, Handouts

Additional Materials Required: Hat or bowl with slips of paper, flip cart or whiteboard, timer or stopwatch

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