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That Sinking Feeling

That Sinking Feeling

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Working with teams on developing reliable and effective strategies for managing conflict? Why not break the ice with "That Sinking Feeling," a fun exercise that will prompt participants to think about the group decision-making process and how the intersection of various decision-making styles may lead to conflict.

Participants are presented with a scenario that requires them to make tough decisions and are asked to consider the quandary on their own. They are then to engage with one another in small groups to analyze the situation and arrive at a unanimous decision, after which each team reports out to the larger group. Be prepared to see MBTI ® conflict pairs in action! The activity ends with a discussion about participants’ varied reactions and the connections to type. Your main challenge is to hold the teams to task and ensure that the decisions are made within the time allotted.

To get people to "walk in others' shoes" and make difficult decisions, which can lead to conflict due to the different needs of team members.

Time Frame: 30 minutes

Materials Included: Activity Instructions, Script

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Damian Killen, Danica Murphy