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Team Effectiveness Analysis

Team Effectiveness Analysis

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This exercise team building exercise is most appropriate for in-tact teams. It applies a problem-solving model to help participants analyze team member contributions and provides them with a framework for ensuring that the team is capitalizing on each individual’s strengths. Small group work and facilitator-led discussion will help the participants to identify potential gaps in the team’s decision-making process and help them to create strategies for overcoming blind spots. It may also be helpful to use this activity framework to analyze sources of friction among team members and then develop type-related ways to improve team interaction.


Objectives: To enable a team to use type concepts to analyze their working relationships and their task distribution.

Materials Included: Instructions, PowerPoint® slides

Set Up:

This activity requires that participants be familiar with the concepts of type dynamics. If the team has been introduced to type dynamics previously, you may find it helpful to briefly review the concepts before starting step 1. If the team has not been introduced to type dynamics, then plan to add time to provide a brief overview of the topic at the beginning of this activity.

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Sandra Krebs Hirsh, Jane A. G. Kise