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Systematic Problem Solving

Systematic Problem Solving

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Regardless of your industry or organization, the challenge of making tough decisions and solving problems is ever-present. You can help teams make more impactful contributions to the process by arming them with a problem-solving model that uses type preferences as a framework for ensuring a thorough process. This activity requires small, dominant-alike groups to work on either a real-life issue that the team needs to address or a case study example (provided as part of the activity resources). Each group will apply the problem-solving model to consider the issue from various perspectives and to gain insight into how type dynamics impact problem-solving styles. Participants will gain an understanding of what key questions to consider during the problem-solving process to facilitate more comprehensive decisions.

Objective: To demonstrate how the systematic, sequential use of the Sensing, Intuition, Thinking, and Feeling functions contributes to group problem solving.

Time Frame: 60 minutes

Materials Included: Activity Instructions, PowerPoint® slide, Handout

Additional Materials Required: Flipchart, markers

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Sandra Krebs Hirsh, Jane A. G. Kise