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Stress Management: MBTI<sup>®</sup> Workshop Facilitation Pack

Stress Management: MBTI® Workshop Facilitation Pack

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Help individuals better understand and manage stress to realize success.

In the workplace, individuals encounter stressors that can either undermine their performance or propel their success, depending on how they react to them. This workshop facilitation pack is designed to help new practitioners deliver MBTI training to individuals throughout an organization, enabling them to recognize the circumstances or events that are likely to trigger stress reactions and providing information and tips, based on their MBTI preferences, on how to deal most effectively with the challenges they present.




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The Stress Management: MBTI® Workshop Facilitation Pack is designed to be used in conjunction with the Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type booklet. Each workshop participant should be provided with a copy of the resource.

*Please note that the PowerPoint presentation slides cannot be modified (except the Title and Agenda slides).