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Out There-In Here

Out There-In Here

SKU: 7864EF

A must have activity for helping individuals to "see” the differences between Extraversion and Introversion and to capture their own preference in action. Individuals will meet first in type-alike groups to discuss several questions about their shared preference, what it means, how others may perceive them, what frustrates them about working with those who prefer the opposite side of the preference pair, etc. Handouts will guide the discussion and the larger group will reflect upon the insights and observations.


  • Examine type definitions of Extraversion and Introversion
  • Experience personal preference in this dichotomy by seeing how it displays itself in behavior
  • Understand how type preference in this dichotomy can affect others

Time Frame: 25 minutes

Materials Included: Instructions, PowerPoint® slides, Handout

Additional Materials Required: Flip chart, markers

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Barbara D. Mathews, Catharine A. Larkin