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Introduction to the FIRO Business ™ Instrument

Introduction to the FIRO Business ™ Instrument

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Learn how to incorporate FIRO Business™ results into your work to improve performance

This 38-page booklet was developed for people who have taken the FIRO Business ™ assessment and want information on how to understand the results and apply them in a work context. Included are explanations of three areas of interpersonal need in business, involvement, influence, and connection—both as individuals express those needs to others and want others to express those needs toward them—plus detailed interpretations of all possible scores on each. It also discusses the practical applications of FIRO Business results in one-on-one relationships as well as group situations, and explores interpersonal growth and effectiveness.


By Judith A. Waterman and Jenny Rogers


This resource is also available electronically in PDF format. 

To order the digital version please contact client support at 1-800-661-5158 or