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FIRO-B® Self-Scorable Booklet

FIRO-B® Self-Scorable Booklet

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Quickly administer the FIRO-B® instrument to groups and individuals

The FIRO-B® Self-Scorable combined Item Booklet/Answer Sheet provides a thorough overview of the FIRO-B model yet maintains the convenience of the FIRO-B instrument's quick results.

The FIRO-B® Self-Scorable presents the FIRO-B assessment's familiar 54 items in an easy-to-use format and walks clients through the simple process of self-scoring the inventory. It provides a brief, thorough background related to what the FIRO-B scales mean and the interpersonal needs and dimensions they measure. And it instructs the client on how to develop and complete his or her personal FIRO-B results grid.

This assessment is available to level B qualified Canadians only.