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Embracing Change Using Myers-Briggs® Type

Embracing Change Using Myers-Briggs® Type

SKU: 6420-FD

This ready-to-deliver workshop includes everything a practitioner needs to present an introductory workshop on the topic of type and change. The 3.5-hour workshop helps participants understand the impact of type on their and others’ response to change and introduces the psychology of change.  Created with flexibility in mind, it is suitable for use with existing work teams or with groups of people who do not usually work together. Participants will leave equipped to manage their personal response to change in a positive way.


Facilitation Kit contents:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation for a 3.5-hour workshop consisting of lecture and activities
  • Facilitator notes
  • Workshop participant worksheet
*Special order: please call 1-800-661-5158 to confirm availability and shipping time frame.