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Crossing Type Cultures

Crossing Type Cultures

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This highly interactive activity requires participants of similar types to work with one another to identify how their type preferences impact their strengths, contributions, needs and reactions to others in the workplace. Later, the tables are turned and each group must consider the working styles of a group comprised of individuals with type preferences different than their own and create a plan for working with or managing that group. The understanding—or misunderstanding—comes to light as the paired groups share their respective plans and critique each other’s work. Groups are often surprised to find that they have misunderstood their colleagues by seeing them in a stereotypical way and this realization can lead to a very powerful larger group discussion.

This activity works best with a group that has type diversity—having some opposite types is ideal—but two or three preference differences will work. Be sure that the groups have plenty of space between them for their type-alike planning sessions.

Objective: To deepen the understanding of type differences, raise awareness of type biases and stereotyping, and to practice flexing type to be more effective when interacting with others.

Time Frame: 90 minutes

Materials Included: Instructions, Script, PowerPoint® slides

Additional Materials Required: Type Table (drawn or purchased), flipchart, markers, and tape

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Linda K. Kirby, Nancy J. Barger