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MBTI® Workshop Essentials (2021)

MBTI® Workshop Essentials (2021)

SKU: WK02K-4

This package contains all of the essential materials for the MBTI® Certification Program. All participants in the workshop must purchase this resource package. It includes:
  • Participant's Resource Guide
  • MBTI® Manual (#6111)
  • MBTI® Step IITM Manual (#6741)
  • MBTI® Step IITM User's Guide (#6972)
  • Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type® booklet (#6229) 
  • Understanding your MBTI® Step IITM Results Booklet (#4278) 
  • MBTI® Step ITM and Step IITM Feedback Sessions
  • Practitioner Tools

Note: only available to MBTI Certification workshop participants.