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Appreciating Differences

Appreciating Differences

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Looking for a simple but powerful activity to help individuals understand the strengths and potential challenges associated with each of the preferences? Put this tried and true activity to the test, step back and observe the group’s energy level rise. Participants will divide into preference-alike groups each of which will report out to the larger group. This exercise can be done in several small training segments or can constitute a longer 70-minute session devoted to exploring the preferences and will work best when you have a group of 10 or more where all of the preferences are represented. In working through each of the preference pairs, participants will have the opportunity to change groups and get to know one another which is bound to generate enthusiasm and camaraderie. Participants will also explore action plans for applying what is learned.

Objective: To enable participants to better understand and appreciate each of the eight preferences.

Time Frame: 60-80 minutes

Materials Included: Activity Instructions, PowerPoint® slide

Additional Materials Required: Flipchart, markers

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Sandra Krebs Hirsh, Jane A. G. Kise