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SKU: 6788-FD

Bring MBTI® type concepts to life through the power of animation

This training video is designed to help practitioners provide clients with a fun and engaging introduction to the four MBTI®preference pairs. Using real-world situations, the video’s animated vignettes offer viewers a general understanding of the eight preferences, as well as the differences between each preference pair opposite, in a relatable and simple way. Duration: 9 minutes.


Please note: The video is saved on a USB flash drive that features copy protection technology. The video cannot be copied or saved to a different location—users must have the flash drive to play the video. For your convenience, however, the facilitator’s notes can be saved and/or printed.


Comes with expert guidance
The video comes with a comprehensive set of facilitator’s notes that provide instructions and reference information, as well as suggested questions and debrief notes for optional group discussions.

Designed to be versatile
The video can be used as a supplemental resource for an existing introductory MBTI training or used seamlessly with the workshop facilitation kit "Understanding and Working with Personality Types: Using the MBTI® Assessment to Appreciate Differences" (sold separately).

Works with PC or Mac computers
The USB flash drive can be used on PC or Mac computers.* Plug-and-play ready, no software required.

*Requires computer with a USB port and running Windows® 7, 8, or 10, or Mac OS X® 10.7 and higher




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