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Group Conflict Mode Score

Group Conflict Mode Score

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"How does my team manage conflict?”

If you’ve heard that question before, consider adding this easy-to-facilitate activity to your TKI training toolkit. This simple activity helps participants to better understand the various conflict-handling styles of team members. After receiving their TKI results, each participant writes down their most-used and least-used style. As the facilitator, you prepare a bar chart that functions as a visual record of the team members’ results and shows which styles are used most and least by the team. This enables the group to openly discuss the benefits, pitfalls, and implications of those styles on the team’s effectiveness and productivity.

Objective: To enable participants to see their similarities and differences in terms of their most-used and least-used conflict-handling modes 

Time Frame: 30 minutes

Materials Included: Activity Instructions, Scoring Worksheet (Facilitator Tool and Sample)

Additional Materials Required: Flip chart and assorted color markers, index cards or similar

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