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Using the MBTI® Tool in Organizations

Using the MBTI® Tool in Organizations

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Leader's Guide 

Enjoy the benefits of this popular all-in-one workshop. 

This completely updated, comprehensive guide contains everything you need to conduct an MBTI® workshop geared toward the organizational needs of the new century. It will help you increase your repertoire of type activities, enhance your use of the MBTI® tool in organizations, and better serve your clients through practical experiences with psychological type. The binder includes five expanded applications modules: Leadership Development and Coaching, Team Building, Communication, Career Development, and Change Management. This new edition has been updated to correspond to Form M of the MBTI® instrument and includes a number of new features:

  • A new introductory workshop, including a flexible script and new exercises
  • A type dynamics model that makes type development easy to understand
  • 26 all-new exercises and intervention ideas
  • Specific exercises and activities tied to the Introduction to Type® series
  • 100 revised reproducible masters for presentation overheads and handouts
  • Overheads in PowerPoint® on CD-ROM (PC format only)

    Sandra Krebs Hirsh and Jane Kise


    *Special order: please call 1-800-661-5158 to confirm availability and shipping time frame.



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