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FIRO Business™


Available to Level B Qualified Canadians Only

The FIRO Business™ assessment helps you develop great leaders while improving organizational performance. It is particularly valuable to businesses because it quickly gathers key insights for relating to direct reports, superiors, and peers, influencing and negotiating, making decisions, and setting priorities. The FIRO Business™ assessment is a 30-item instrument designed for international use, with scoring based on a normative sample of 2,801 employed adults representing 10 languages.


Profile 29 credits each >
Leadership Report 33 credits each >
Leadership Report with FIRO Business ™ Profile 52 credits each >

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FIRO Business® Technical Guide (A)


This complete technical guide from CPP Research provides in-depth information on the theory and construction of the FIRO Business assessment...

  • SKU: 2502
  • UNIT: each

FIRO Business® Leadership Report User's Guide


The FIRO Business® Leadership Report offers leaders insight into their interpersonal needs and behaviors at work for improved performance. This...

  • SKU: 2503
  • UNIT: each

Introduction to the FIRO Business ™ Instrument


Learn how to incorporate FIRO Business™ results into your work to improve performance This 38-page booklet was developed for people...

  • SKU: 2504
  • UNIT: each

FIRO® Feedback Cards


Guide individuals through an exploration of the FIRO framework during feedback sessions and beyond. A facilitation tool for use in...

  • SKU: 2230
  • UNIT: Each

Making Teams Work Powered by the FIRO® Assessment


Work with teams to strengthen communication and reduce conflict with this ready-to-deploy workshop This ready-to-deliver workshop introduces teams to FIRO...

  • SKU: 2240-FD
  • UNIT: Each