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A Practical Guide to CPI™ Interpretation


Quickly interpret CPI™ scale combinationsThis helpful guide was revised to reflect the changes made to the CPI™ 434 instrument, Third...

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Career Interest Profiler Manual


An essential guide for users of the CIP. The manual contains information on the CIP's development, validity, reliability, and the...

  • SKU: CIP-M
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Career Values Report Prepaid Answer Sheet


The Career Values Scale Report gives a graphic overview of a client's values. The report provides insight into what the...

  • SKU: CVS03
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

Career Values Scale Manual


An essential guide for users of the CVS. The manual contains information on the CVS's development, validity, reliability, and the...

  • SKU: CVS01
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Career Values Scale Question Sheet


Career Values Scale Question Sheets Package of 10 Donald Macnab and Shawn Bakker  

  • SKU: CVS02
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

CIP Question Booklets


CIP Question BookletsPackage of 10

  • SKU: CIP-Q
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

CIP Report Prepaid Answer Sheets


The Career Interest Profiler report provides 14–20 page in-depth description of occupational interests. It includes: a full career interest profile...

  • SKU: CIP-R
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

Coach's Guide - Leadership Report FIRO-B & MBTI


This brief, must-have guide provides all the background information needed to present the Leadership Report to the client: summary point...

  • SKU: 2621
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Coaching Report for Leaders Advanced Guide


Gives in-depth insight for using the CPI 260® assessment to develop leaders The Advanced Guide for Interpretation provides in-depth insight...

  • SKU: 1937
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CPI 260® Client Feedback Report - Guide


Provides an all-in-one guide to interpretation of the CPI 260® This interpretive guide is ideal for coaches, consultants, trainers, and...

  • SKU: 1928
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CPI 260® Manual


Provides comprehensive information needed to understand the CPI 260™ tool This technical manual offers a clear view into the construction...

  • SKU: 1921
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CPI™ Manual


This essential guide is for anyone who administers the CPITM 434 instrument. The manual includes chapters on the interpretation of...

  • SKU: 1971
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Discover the Strong Interest Inventory

Call 1-800-661-5158 for pricing and consultation.

This item is FREE of charge (maximum 2 pkgs of 25 per order). Standard mail postage and/or shipping rates apply....

  • SKU: S001
  • UNIT: pkg of 25

FIRO Business® Leadership Report User's Guide


The FIRO Business® Leadership Report offers leaders insight into their interpersonal needs and behaviors at work for improved performance. This...

  • SKU: 2503
  • UNIT: each

FIRO Business® Technical Guide (A)


This complete technical guide from CPP Research provides in-depth information on the theory and construction of the FIRO Business assessment...

  • SKU: 2502
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FIRO-B® Self-Scorable Booklet


Quickly administer the FIRO-B® instrument to groups and individualsThe FIRO-B® Self-Scorable combined Item Booklet/Answer Sheet provides a thorough overview of...

  • SKU: 2216
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

FIRO-B® Technical Guide


The FIRO-B® Technical Guide provides the FIRO-B® user with current information on the theory, construction, interpretation, research, statistical underpinnings, and...

  • SKU: 2225
  • UNIT: Each

FIRO® Feedback Cards


Guide individuals through an exploration of the FIRO framework during feedback sessions and beyond. A facilitation tool for use in...

  • SKU: 2230
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Group Conflict Mode Score


An Application of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument "How does my team manage conflict?” If you’ve heard that question before,...

  • SKU: 4800EF3
  • UNIT: Each

Introduction to Conflict and Teams


Kenneth W. Thomas and Gail Fann Thomas Enhance team effectiveness using the TKIMany organizations successfully use the TKI for conflict...

  • SKU: 4818-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, Each

Introduction to Conflict Management


Take the next step in understanding your TKI scores and improvingconflict-handling effectiveness This booklet, designed to accompany the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict...

  • SKU: 4816-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, Each

Introduction to the FIRO Business ™ Instrument


Learn how to incorporate FIRO Business™ results into your work to improve performance This 38-page booklet was developed for people...

  • SKU: 2504
  • UNIT: each

Introduction to the FIRO-B®


This clear and direct guide is for anyone who has taken the FIRO-B® instrument and wants information on how to...

  • SKU: 2209-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, Each

Introduction to the FIRO-B® in Organizations


This newly redesigned 32-page booklet focuses on your client's interpersonal needs and the impact of his or her behavior in...

  • SKU: 2220-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, Each

Parker Team Building Program - Facilitator's Guide


This newly designed training resource provides a step–by–step process for quickly and effectively developing groups into high–performing teams. The easy–to–follow...

  • SKU: 4900
  • UNIT: Each

Parker Team Development Survey


Includes 10 Team Member Surveys; 1 Team Scoring Form Glenn M. Parker  

  • SKU: 4921
  • UNIT: Package of 10

Parker Team Development Survey Program


Includes Leader’s Guide; 10 Team Member Surveys; 1 Team Scoring Form Glenn M. Parker

  • SKU: 4920
  • UNIT: Each

Parker Team Player Survey


The Parker Team Player Survey (PTPS) is an easy-to-use self-assessment exercise that helps individuals identify their primary team player style—contributor,...

  • SKU: 4913-10
  • UNIT: Package of 10, Each

Participating in Teams


Help clients understand their FIRO-B® results in team situations This workbook is for FIRO-B® clients and workshop participants, to guide...

  • SKU: 2221-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, Each

Rapid-Fire Response


An Application of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument What does a "competing” response to a given situation sound like? This...

  • SKU: 4800EF4
  • UNIT: Each

Sales AP Manual


The SalesAP Manual shows the statistical validity and reliability of this sales aptitude test.  The Manual also documents a strong relationship between...

  • SKU: W-311B

Sharing Conflict Insights


An Application of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode InstrumentLooking for a simple but powerful activity to conduct or summarize your conflict-handling...

  • SKU: 4800EF1
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SII Profile & Interpretive Report Prepaid A/S


Revised with expanded definitions, personal descriptors, and a new focus on what motivates successful workers to achieve in their career....

  • SKU: 8404
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

SII Profile Report Prepaid A/S College


This report paints a clear picture of how your client’s specific interests and The College Edition takes the wealth of...

  • SKU: 8406
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

SII Profile Report Prepaid A/S High School


Building on the power of the Strong Profile , this edition adds a personalized report that helps high school students...

  • SKU: 8405
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

SII Profile Report Prepaid Answer Sheets


This report paints a clear picture of how your client’s specific interests and learning, leadership, and risk-taking styles link to...

  • SKU: 8408
  • UNIT: pkg of 10

Skills Confidence Inventory Manual


Nancy E. Betz, Fred H. Borgen, and Lenore W. Harmon Get the most out of your Skills Confidence Inventory administrations....

  • SKU: 8652
  • UNIT: each

Strong Certification Program Online (2017)


Available to Canadians only This is an ideal program for professionals working in career development and outplacement counselling. The Strong...

  • SKU: 2017SCOL

Strong College Profile User's Guide


Jeffrey P. Prince Practitioner's Tool for Helping College Students with Academic and Career Choices. Get vital insights to use the...

  • SKU: 8475
  • UNIT: each

Strong Interest Inventory® Item Booklet


Strong Item Booklet (reusable)- questions only Choose the appropriate Prepaid Answer Sheets to go with these Item Booklets: Profile Report...

  • SKU: 8415
  • UNIT: pkg of 25

Strong Interest Inventory® Manual with Supplement


David Donnay, Michael Morris, Nancy Schaubhut and Richard Thompson Effectively administer and interpret the newly revised Strong The most comprehensive...

  • SKU: 8410

Strong Interest Inventory® User’s Guide


Judith Grutter and Allen L. Hammer Hone your Strong skills with this indispensable practitioner's toolTwo preeminent authors and practitioners offer...

  • SKU: 8403
  • UNIT: each

Styles of Another Person


A companion to the Parker Team Player Survey, this newly redesigned survey allows participants to include observations from other team...

  • SKU: 4916
  • UNIT: Each

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Self-Scorable


HELP YOUR CLIENTS SEE THROUGH CONFLICT TO RESOLUTION The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI™) is the number-one best-selling instrument for conflict...

  • SKU: 4813-10
  • UNIT: Package of 10, Each

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Workshop Facilitator Guide


Save time with this comprehensive presentation on the TKI program This training resource provides a comprehensive framework for effectively and...

  • SKU: 4800
  • UNIT: Each

Understanding Your FIRO-B® Results


This newly redesigned eight-page guide explains in simple, easy-to-understand terms what the FIRO-B® scores mean to your client. It uses...

  • SKU: 2203-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, Each

User’s Guide to the Coaching Report for Leaders


Offers essential information for administering, interpreting ,and presenting the CPI 260™ This new guide provides must-have information for using the...

  • SKU: 1931
  • UNIT: Each

What’s My Mode? Game


An Application of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode InstrumentBy using this fun game that will have your workshop participants in various...

  • SKU: 4800EF2
  • UNIT: Each

Where Do I Go Next?


Fred Borgen and Judith Grutter Help clients focus and stay motivated during their career search This interpretive booklet enables clients...

  • SKU: 8432-10
  • UNIT: pkg of 10, Each

Work Engagement Profile


The Work Engagement Profile measures four intrinsic rewards—meaningfulness, choice, competence, and progress—that individuals receive directly from their work. Interpretive information...

  • SKU: 4852-10
  • UNIT: Package of 10, Each

WPI Career Report Prepaid Answer Sheets


The Work Personality Index ® Career Report is designed to provide insight into individuals' personality traits, the kinds of work...

  • SKU: WPI2-CR
  • UNIT: Package of 10

WPI Development Report Prepaid A/S


Designed for personal development, team building, and coaching, the Work Personality Index ® Development Report provides a wealth of information....

  • SKU: WPI2-PR
  • UNIT: Package of 10

WPI Item Booklets


Item booklets for the Work Personality Index ® assessment.

  • SKU: WPIS2-Q
  • UNIT: Package of 10

WPI Leadership Report Prepaid A/S


This report is designed as a tool for professional growth. The Work Personality Index ® Leadership Report describes key features...

  • SKU: WPI2-LR
  • UNIT: Package of 10

WPI Users Manual


An essential guide for users of the Work Personality Index ® (WPI) tool. The manual contains the WPI's development, validitiy,...

  • SKU: WPI2-M
  • UNIT: Each